Hansel and Gretel Small Letterpress Journal

The Hansel and Gretel Witch Burning Appreciation Society pocket-sized journal is now available to purchase in the ZeebenDry shop.

On a slightly different note, we notice that there are some other individuals selling copies of our trade marked journals’ titles. It is clear from the copies’ product photos and other indicators that they are not of the same quality as our notebooks. We are working with the host websites to address this issue.


More Letterpress Printed Notebooks

As promised, we’ve added some more letterpress printed notebooks to the ZeebenDry store. Yet more titles will be forthcoming in the next weeks. Each of these titles is typically available in a range of different colours, including grey, brown and red.

Anthropological Field Notes: Living Among Urban Primitives and Anthropological Field Notes: Urban Violence and Conflict Resolution are designed for those of us who are fascinated by the behaviour of the uncouth and debased members of society