ZeebenDry is a UK-based surface design studio. Our online shop sells our range of stationery products, including greeting cards, large and small notebooks, planners/diaries, gift wrap, gift tags and giclee prints.

All prints, illustrations and designs are our own original work. Our products are printed on a variety of papers (recycled, cotton, and non-recycled) depending on the nature and demands of the products.

ZeebenDry is keen to hear if you would like a variation on an existing product and we will let you know if we are able to oblige. For example, you may wish to acquire a larger format notebook printed with the same pattern as one of our existing listings, or perhaps you need wrapping paper that matches a greeting card.

Unless otherwise stated, all images contained in this blog are owned and copyrighted by ZeebenDry’s proprietor. The images under our copyright ownership cannot be used without our express written permission.

Book and Art Reviews

We select illustrated books, illustration and art for review solely on the basis of the technical quality and ascetic appeal of their artwork. Books with a particular political, social or other agenda are given a wide berth where at all possible.


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