New Funny Notebooks in Stock at Zeebendry

We’re delighted to make our most popular notebook available in a larger size of approximately A5: 8.2 inches x 5.1 inches; 210 mm x 130 mm; 21 cm x 13 cm. The available cover colours are deep red, navy blue and charcoal gray. It’s other specs are as follows:

+ Notebook Thickness: 5 mm

+ 80 pages / 40 sheets

+ Lined pages

+ Softcover

+ Cover thickness / weight is 350 gsm

+ Page thickness / weight is 70 gsm

+ Singer sewn bound

il_570xN.800300643_f8d1   il_570xN.800298405_4buq     il_570xN.800298433_j65e   il_570xN.800300643_f8d1 il_570xN.800499880_lqy6 il_570xN.800327673_pwog   il_570xN.800321409_r1o3

il_570xN.800321409_r1o3 il_570xN.800547978_ju8f


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