ZeebenDry Product News

Within the week commencing 3rd November 2014, we will begin selling 2 offset printed gift wrap designs. Due to the cost efficiency of offset, these 2 designs will be sold at a significantly lower price than currently available in our ZeebenDry shop. The wrapping paper designs are Swimming Fish and Animal Silhouettes. The gift wrap dimensions are a generous 1000 mm x 700 mm (39.3 x 27.5 inches) and are 90 gsm (60 lbs) weight.

Excluding postage, a sheet of Swimming Fish will retail at £2.00 (approx USD$3.20)  and Animal Silhouettes at £1.45 (approx USD$2.32). Purchases of 50 or more sheets will receive a significant discount. The good news for UK bulk customers is that the Post Office apparently currently caps the postage at around £11.00 per postal tube package.

Other news is that in approximately 2 weeks we will be stocking  2015 calendar year planners / diaries that will be constructed from higher quality materials than currently available in our shop. Examples of some these diaries are Animal Silhouettes in Orange and Light Blue, Star in OrangeWheat Sheaf and Wheat Sheaves

1 fish


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