Chris Van Allsburg’s Illustrated Books

Chris Van Allsburg may be known to some through the movies that were based on his books: “The Polar Express”, “Jumanji” and “Zathura”.

My personal favourites in terms of their composition and story line are “The Garden of Abdul Gasazi”, “The Stranger”, “The Sweetest Fig” and “The Widow’s Broom”.  In addition to Van Allsburg’s technical skills, his books stand out for me for their quirky – often fantasy – plots, unusual compositional perspectives and absence of schmaltz.

Keep an eye out for the mischievous white bull terrier that appears in a number of Van Allsburg’s books.

You will notice from his website that Van Allsburg has illustrated a trilogy by Mark Helprin, all of which I’d recommend for both their illustrations and storytelling.

BSW141L02The Garden of Abdul Gasazi

tumblr_m6xm9iQZ2C1qabnhqo2_500The Widow’s Broom

cp7The Stranger

Images Source: Chris Van Allsburg website


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