Notebook Variation and Graphic Design

I’ve created a variation on an existing notebook by adding background colour and changing the font. The notebook shown has a cover made from a 260 gsm high gloss material (I’m still looking for a website that seamlessly coverts between gsm and its Imperial measures equivalent).


The Front Cover



The Back Cover

The bottom image on the back cover shows a miner’s lamp, pick ax, shovel, antique padlock and bird skulls – an allusion to the objects used or encountered by both the person burying the bodies and perhaps those unearthing the bodies.

Here’s some absolutely gorgeous graphic design I encountered in a Paris shop window. I believe it is for a florist, but I stand to be corrected. I’m very tempted to contact the business to kindly ask them if I could buy copies of their stationery to add to my collection.



Photos Image Source: ZeebenDry


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