You are Moo-arvelous

A new batch of cards has just arrived in the post from the printers. Always a time for excitement to see how the cards’ images have translated from a composition on my screen to densely and richly printed colours. One of the cards that came in the package is a recent creation: a cow gently exhaling, “You are Moo-arvelous!” The card can be found in the ZeebenDry store here in either orange or golden brown.

1 cow

The source image has fond associated memories. It’s derived from a photo I took of a cow while I was staying at the most idyllic Alpine farm I’ve yet encountered. Thick forests grew on the sides of the steep hills on either side of the lush valley. An icy cold, crystal clear snow melt stream rushed down one side of the cow pasture, turning an old fashioned mill wheel.

While visiting the cow barn and enjoying the ruminants’ company, I also encountered some noisy piglets, all piled on top of each other. They made it into these “It’s Your Birthday! Pig Out!” birthday cards, which can be found in-store here and here.

1 pigs


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